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Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before accepting it. For any questions about the Service offered by MUVING, you have at your disposal on our online platform a Frequently Asked Questions section and a chat feature where you can be personally attended to by one of our operators. The terms beginning with capitals used in this Privacy Policy are defined in section 1 of the General Terms and Conditions.
Basic information for data protection
Responsible party           Sharing Muving, S.L.U.
To manage and provide netsurfing and Service functions.
To manage and send information and market research.
Drawing up profiles.
Additional information in the Privacy Policy.
Consent from interested part.
Provision and operation of Service in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Service.
Targets Sharing Muving, S.L.U., the companies in its group (situated in the EU and outside it) and every Local Operator (defined in the Terms and Conditions of Service).
Rights   To access, rectify, abolish and challenge the data, as well as other rights, just as explained in the Privacy Policy.
Additional information You may consult the additional information and details about data protection in our Privacy Policy.
You, on registering as a MUVING customer hereby give your express and unequivocal consent to the following Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.
  1. Responsible party for processing your data
The identifying data of the responsible party and delegate for data protection are the following:
Identity: Sharing Muving, S.L.U., TAX ID No. B72327000 (“MUVING”)
Address: Calle Los Moros, nº. 32, Puerto de Santa María, 11550 Cádiz,
Registry Information: Cádiz Company Register, in Volume 2228, Page CA-51095, Folio 222.
Support: help.muving.com
Data Protection Delegate/Contact: dpo@muving.com
  1. Data collected by MUVING and purpose of data processing
2.1          All personal data provided by the Website or Application will be incorporated into the “CUSTOMERS/USERS WEB” files which MUVING will be responsible for who will duly register these with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.
2.2          Personal data consists in information which enables individuals to be identified. Some examples of personal data are name, postal addresses, electronic mail addresses or telephone numbers. We just collect the personal information that you provide us with voluntarily by means of our Website or Application.
2.3          To be specific, MUVING collects the following personal data from the customer provided directly from him or her:
  • When the Customer registers: name, surname, e-mail, home address, billing address, telephone number, Driving License, debit/credit card.
  • Customer correspondence and complaints: any other private data given by the Customer in his or her correspondence with MUVING for the purpose of making or settling any enquiry, incident or complaint with MUVING.
2.4          Apart from the personal data referred to in the previous section, MUVING collects information that the Website and Application automatically obtains about identification of its computer device, use of the Website or of the Application and about behaviour and consumption habits. This information includes data about its operating system, the IP address, geolocation data, the language, the Website pages or sections or the Application consulted, key words, date, time, time you stay on certain types of pages, which page section you have visited and similar information about use of the Website or the Application. MUVING can gather this information as it uses cookies. To find out more you can see our Cookies Policy.
2.5          MUVING can enrich the personal data of the Customer with non identifying information obtained either from the Customer or from the Website and Application, just as described previously. For combinations of personal and non personal data, this information will de processed as being personal for as long as it remains combined.
2.6          Any personal data processed by MUVING may be used for the following purposes:
  • To manage requests to use the Service and provide the Customer with the necessary tools to enjoy it.
  • To process charges for using the Service by means of the payment gateway of the Website itself and of the Application.
  • To analyse, improve and optimize use of the Service.
  • To provide customers with information about the service and other products or services offered by MUVING or from companies in the group.
  • To settle complaints, incidences or enquiries by means of the channels made for these purposes: Customer enquiry form, email and customer service telephone number.
  • To draw up profiles about the Customer account, made according to his or her age, gender, province, behaviour and any other personal data we have gathered to formalize the Service in order to offer him or her products and services aligned to his or her interests and to improve his or her user experience. Automated decisions based on this profile will not be taken.
  • Market research and marketing techniques.
  • Provide the customers with publicity about special offers and promotions launched by MUVING, companies in its group and third parties (if these have been accepted by the Customer by expressly ticking the start box) which may be to his or her interest. This information may particularly deal with products, activities, services, competitions, special offers and/or promotions about sectors of collaborative consumption, transport, mechanics, electronic trading, insurance, leisure, the hotel and catering trade, restoration and other sectors analogous or similar to these, as well as any other service provided in the localities in which the Service is offered.
2.7          If MUVING plans to subsequently process its personal data for a purpose other than those included in this section, it will give notice of this beforehand, including all important information as well as the foreseen consequences of processing these.
2.8          Remember that whenever you receive marketing and promotional messages, you may make a challenge to them by sending an email to baja@muving.com, by including in the subject line of the email “UNSUBSCRIBE MARKETING”.
2.9          MUVING will maintain its personal data and will be able to process them in accordance with the purposes described above provided the interested part does not request these be deleted. In the event of unsubscribing from the service, MUVING (i) will only keep those data necessary for sending its own marketing messages as well as those of third parties (if this has been consented to by the Customer in the start box) unless the Customer requests these be deleted and (ii) will keep other data blocked, in accordance with the security measures foreseen in law for the legal period required for possible legal actions and administrative procedures which may be started in relation with MUVING.
  1. Authentication for data processing.
3.1          The legal basis for personal data processing is to provide and run the Service as well as to permit the netsurfing functions on the Website and Application in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Service.
3.2          The personal data collected to make market research studies, marketing, drawing up profiles and sending marketing messages is based on gaining consent which is requested. Under no circumstances will the withdrawal of consent have any influence on the operation of the Service provision.
  1. Targets whose data will be communicated
4.1          The personal data gathered from the website and Application, including amongst other data, contact data, geolocating, traffic and behaviour data which MUVING may gather from the Customer may be passed on to other companies in the group which may be located in the European Economic Area or countries outside this area , for internal administrative purposes and business management.
4.2          Your data may also be transferred to third parties, for sending marketing messages for the purposes described above in the Privacy Policy.
4.3          Your personal data will be passed on to the corresponding Local Operator so that it can provide the Service correctly as well as invoice the Customer. This transfer is absolutely necessary for the Service to be provided correctly.
4.4          MUVING hires its virtual infrastructure according to a “cloud computing” model by means of an operator located in the European Economic Area.
4.5          All data communications will always be carried out  in compliance with that set out by the regulation in force on data protection matters, and especially, in observance of the EU General Regulation for Data Protection.
4.6          MUVING may reveal personal information about the Customer to public administrations when this is required and when this information is demandable by them in accordance with the legislation in force.
  1. Customer Rights when their data is provided to us.
5.1          At any time they may exercise their rights to MUVING to access, rectify, delete and challenge the data (ARCO) in the terms foreseen in the regulation in force. This means the Customer may ask us what data we are holding about him or her, or to update these, as well as request that MUVING ceases to use such data for a specific purpose, or just require us to delete all or some of his or her personal data in our files and databases.
5.2          If the user opposes the processing of his or her data, MUVING will stop data processing, unless there are legitimate reasons to continue doing so as foreseen in the legislation in force or to lodge complaints or make a defence against these.
5.3          Moreover, the customer may exercise the following rights against MUVING:
  • The right to be forgotten allows the Customer to request that his or her data be deleted when these are not true, excessive or have been rendered obsolete.
  • The right to data portability allows the Customer to request a copy of all data that MUVING has on him or her in order to migrate them to another platform which has been chosen.
  • The right to limited processing allows the Customer to (i) challenge the accuracy of personal data, in a period which allows the responsible party to verify if they are accurate (ii) challenge the processing to be illicit and the Customer opposes deletion of the personal data and instead requests limited use of these, in which case MUVING will only keep the personal data to make a defence against complaints.
5.4          After the Customer has exercised any of these rights, and while verification by MUVING occurs, the data will remain blocked while certain circumstances of these are checked and MUVING cannot cancel or process these data.
5.5          To exercise any of the rights described, the Customer must contact MUVING on the following email address  baja@muving.com including “EXERCISE OF RIGHTS” in the subject line indicating the specific right that he or she wishes to exercise in the body of the email and attaching a copy of his or her driving license.
  1. Additional information:
6.1          Data quality. The Customer guarantees the quality of the information provided against MUVING and third parties, that is, that the data and information provided is real, truthful, up-to-date and also belongs to the Customer and not to third parties. Therefore, in dispatching his or her personal data to MUVING, he or she guarantees to MUVING and third parties that his or her data is true and fulfil this quality principle. In all situations, supplying false or out-of-date data is forbidden, the client must always identify himself or herself with his or her personal electronic mail address and with truthful and current data.
6.2          Links to third parties. This Privacy Policy, only refers to the Website and Application, and does not apply to links or websites of third parties which can be accessed from the Website itself (and from the Application). MUVING has no control over the destination of these links and is in no way responsible for the contents of any of the website destinations from a link, nor for any link included in a website which is reached from the Website or from the Application, nor for any change or update made to these sites. These links are only provided to inform the Customer about other sources of information about a specific theme, and the inclusion of a link does not mean that MUVING approves of the website linked to. Due to this, we recommend that you read and carefully review the confidentiality policy for every website you visit.
6.3          Cookies. Additional information about use of cookies by the Website and Application and deactivating them is included in the Cookies Policy.
6.4          Security. MUVING strives to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data and personal information it holds. For this reason, we have taken technical and organizational security measures to prevent their loss, wrongful use or unauthorized access. At MUVING we are committed to moving fast and responsibly if the security of your data is at risk and to inform you about this if this is important with the greatest diligence.